About Us

About THP

The Harmony Place (THP) is a non-profit that was created with the purpose of helping individuals and families in the community who have suffered and/or are currently struggling with the long-lasting effects of debilitating traumas. As a collaborative team, we came up with a combination of treatments that we personally have tested and found effective in reclaiming our lives after experiencing various types of traumas. We’ve created a structured peer to peer support group along with other adjunctive therapies open to the public.

About The Founder

The Harmony Place was started by a woman from the Caribbean who migrated to the United States many years ago, in an effort to outrun the lasting negative effects from the physical, mental, and sexual abuse she experienced. In America, she began to experiment with different methods of healing. After years of trial and error, she was able to put together a combination that was very effective in putting her on a road to recovery.

pic of marv

That woman is me, Marvlyn Vincent. And today, I can honestly say that I have found a way to take back what was repeatedly stolen from me as a child, through my developmental years, and as a young adult. From an early age, I learned what it meant to survive, and today I am much more than a survivor; I am living proof that you can find your way to becoming the person that you’ve dreamt of becoming. I am a firm believer in this truth, “You’re not who you were born, you are who you choose to become.” I went through years of being victimized, but I was never a victim. I was always a survivor, choosing to believe that the only victims were the ones utilizing an abuse of power. After years of utilizing various forms of therapies, I have finally found both freedom and lasting inner peace. It has since become not only my deepest desire but also my strongest passion to share with others what freed me from the bondage and chains of my past. That is why I created The Harmony Place.

--Marvlyn Vincent

About The Board


Tania Connors

Vice President

Robin Krakowski


Liz Rivera

Fundraising Coordinator

Cayla Bailey

Technical advisor / Head of Support Services

Derek Connors

Support Services / Leader of Men’s Groups

Tara Lorenzetti

Secretary / Technical Advisor for Community Outreach

Alyssa V.

Marketing Director

Debra Lorenzetti

Event Coordinator

Justin Gitterman

Creative Director